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4 Common Injury Risks in Ohio Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities are often the site of workplace injuries in Ohio. Why is manufacturing so dangerous? Here are four major reasons workers in Ohio can be injured on the job in a factory or manufacturing facility:

  1. Improper Handling of Materials & Equipment

Manufacturing workers often have jobs that require handling or moving raw, in-process, or finished products. Workers also must move and maintain equipment. If materials or equipment are improperly handled or tasks are done incorrectly, overexertion, repetitive motion, or strains/sprains can result, all of which can cause injuries.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment Failures

The lack of personal protective equipment or its incorrect use in the workplace is a leading reason for accidents and injuries in manufacturing environments. Workers need proper protective gear and must be fully trained in how to correctly use protective equipment of all kinds.

  1. Poor Housekeeping

Falls are another frequent cause of injury to workers in manufacturing. Most slips, trips and falls can be traced to poor housekeeping practices, such as debris in workplace areas, slippery walking surfaces, or problems caused by electrical cords, tools, and other equipment.

  1. Problems with Machine Safeguarding

Machines that lack appropriate safeguards can result in injuries to workers, including injuries to extremities. Hair or loose-fitting clothing can get caught in a machine without proper safeguards. Injuries also can occur when a worker performs maintenance without proper disabling of power to the machine. It is essential for manufacturers to fully protect workers and use procedures to be sure machines are disconnected from a power source when maintenance is taking place.

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