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Plevin & Gallucci proudly opened an office in Columbus, Ohio in 2013 as part of our mission to better serve our clients injured due to on-the-job and industrial accidents, or families who may have been involved in an automobile collision, truck or motorcycle accident.

Being an Injured worker and dealing with “the system” can feel overwhelming if you may already have day to day physical challenges and pain. On top of that, companies and even some medical professionals may try to give you the runaround.

Time for some good news: You matter to us.

And when the odds seem against you, we are here to help you stand up to the big corporations. It’s what we do, and this is how we feed our families. Don’t give up, and take a step forward by giving us a call. Together we can overcome and help get your life back on track.

“Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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Top 3 Mistakes Most People Make with their Workers Compensation Claim:

  1. Not following doctor’s orders and the direction of medical care. Doctor’s take an oath to provide medical care and we have never met a doctor that doesn’t want to see an individual get better. Listen closely, but remember, doctors are human just like us, and they have sometimes hundreds of patients; ask a lot of question to be sure your doctor understands you conditions clearly.
  2. Believing the claims adjuster is their friend. The claims adjuster works for the insurance company funding workers compensation and their job is to reduce the expense. If you would like some tips on how to speak with a claims adjuster, speak with one of our Columbus workers compensation lawyers where your conversation is confidential and protected by the attorney /  client privilege. Together we’ll make sure you are not taken advantage of.
  3. Settling your workers compensation claims without speaking to a workers compensation lawyer. There are many nuances and details to your case. Follow up care and future needs should be thoroughly considered, and our workers comp lawyers have helped thousands of people who have been in your shoes before. Life is short, and can be painful if not properly considered. Together let’s make sure you get everything you need.

Remember, our consultations are free and confidential, and you will speak with a lawyer quickly by calling our local number at 614-276-8959 or 855-4-PLEVIN.  You can also use the contact form on the website and we’ll return your call often within minutes if during business hours.

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Our experienced Columbus workers compensation attorneys include: Frank GallucciMichael Shroge, and Matthew Cincione

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