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Opioid Epidemic

Cuyahoga County v. Purdue Pharma L.P. & County Summit, Ohio, et al. v Purdue Pharma L.P., et al – Our firm’s attorney Frank Gallucci played a role in the landmark Bellwether Case in Cuyahoga County. In response to rising drug overdose deaths, and increasing amounts of money spent in Cuyahoga County alone for opioid, heroin, and fentanyl-related drug treatment, child services, and criminal justice issues, a case was filed against drug manufacturers. A settlement was agreed upon on October 21st, 2019. Read more here.

  • Result: $260 million settlement

Personal Injury

Low Speed Motor Vehicle Accident – Client was rear seated passenger in car that was rear-ended at approximately 15 mph, causing substantial aggravation of pre-existing low back injuries that required multiple surgeries. Despite initial refusal to pay for the client’s injuries, after extensive litigation, the insurance company eventually tendered policy limits.

    • Result: $100,000

35 MPH Motor Vehicle AccidentDuring litigation, parties agreed to arbitrate the case before former common pleas judge. The case involved a client who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and that necessitated a C3-4 neck fusion surgery. Defendants retained a medical expert who claimed that Plaintiff did not suffer an injury as a result of the accident. Prior to the judgment, the insurance company’s highest offer was $10,000.

    • Result: Binding arbitration award of $40,330

Industrial Punch-Press Accident – A woman lost both hands in a negligently maintained punch-press. The company and safety consultant were sued for failing to comply with safety regulations. As product liability attorneys in Ohio, we demonstrated the defendant’s negligence.

    • Result: $3.2 Million

Loss of Use of Dominant Arm – The negligent installation and design of electric equipment led to electrocution and paralysis of the Plaintiff’s dominant arm. Despite the company’s insistence that it was not responsible, Plevin & Gallucci successfully proved that but for the negligent installation and design of electrical equipment, the electrocution and paralysis of Plaintiff’s dominant arm would not have occurred.

    • Result: $1.17 Million

Fatal Truck Accident – An automobile passenger was killed when the intoxicated driver struck an illegally parked truck. Both the bar and truck driver were alleged to be negligent.

    • Result: $775,000

Legal Malpractice – Our malpractice group consists of more than just medical malpractice attorneys. This case was tried to verdict for legal malpractice in personal injury representation.

    • Result: $382,000

Dram Shop Action (Liquor Establishment Liability) – An action was brought against a lounge that knowingly served an intoxicated patron, who then proceeded to get behind the wheel and cause injury to our client.

    • Result: $325,000

Two Motor Vehicle Accidents Resulting in Surgery and Ongoing Significant Shoulder Pain – Two separate motor vehicle accidents resulted in bilateral shoulder injuries with torn rotator cuff surgical repair. After the surgery, the client had significant pain and a diagnosis of moderate regional sympathetic dystrophy. Future care and treatment was expected, but was to be minimal through possible future injections for pain.

    • Result: $155,000

Rear-end Motor Vehicle Accident – The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by a taxicab, causing nerve and back injuries. In litigation, the insurance company was forced to recognize the value of the case.

    • Result: $105,000

Parking Lot Collision by Uninsured Driver – The client and his shopping cart were pinned to another vehicle after being struck by an uninsured driver. The client suffered bilateral lower leg injuries. Prior to litigation, the client’s own insurance company denied his Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claim. After being bullied by his insurance company, the client sought Plevin & Gallucci to obtain a just result.

    • Result: $102,000

Workplace Intentional Tort – An action was brought against an employer who recklessly constructed a scaffolding and ladder system, causing substantial injuries, including fractures to the client’s lower extremities.

    • Result: Substantial Six-figure Settlement

Airplane Crash – A mid-air plane collision resulted in the death of the client. Both insurance companies attempted to deny coverage, leaving the family with no recourse. As experienced litigation attorneys, we were able to successfully negotiate with the insurance companies to secure a confidential settlement on behalf of the estate.

    • Result: Substantial Confidential Settlement

Dog Bite – An individual was held liable when his dog, unprovoked, bit a young lady in the face. Plevin & Gallucci’s attorneys were able to show as a result of the bite, the Plaintiff would have permanent facial scarring.

    • Result: $96,000

Low-speed Motor Vehicle Accident – A women was involved in a low-speed motor vehicle accident causing soft tissue injuries and potential herniated discs. Due to the minor impact, the insurance company would only offer $7,500. After litigating the matter for just over a year, the insurance company finally acknowledged the true value of the case.

    • Result: $93,000

Golf Cart Accident – While riding in a golf cart at a friend’s house, a 12-year-old girl was injured when the driver negligently caused the golf cart to roll over, resulting in a fracture to her femur.

    • Result: $60,000

Medical Malpractice

Nerve Injury During Hand Surgery – The client was admitted for surgery to an upper extremity and the surgeon caused a significant nerve injury during the procedure. The experience of our medical malpractice attorneys allowed us to secure a settlement without filing a lawsuit.

    • Result: Substantial Six-figure Settlement

Severe Ureter Injury During Biopsy – An elderly client suffered a severe ureter injury while undergoing a gallbladder biopsy. The case proceeded through discovery until the health system properly perceived its risk and settled.

    • Result: Substantial Six-figure Settlement

Failure to Diagnose Testicular Injury – The client suffered a delayed diagnosis of testicular torsion resulting in loss of the testicle and the lost potential for prosthetic revision. The failure to diagnose eliminated any chance the client had to avoid testicle removal. The health system realized its risk after discovery took place and settled.

    • Result: Substantial Six-figure Settlement

Nursing Home/Rehabilitation Center Failure to Prevent/Diagnose – The client suffered a decubitus ulcer resulting in death due to the nursing facility/rehabilitation center’s failure to properly prevent and diagnose client’s condition.

    • Result: Substantial Six-figure Settlement

Puncture Injury to Saline Breast Implant – The client’s saline breast implant was punctured during a guided needle biopsy. Plevin & Gallucci fought to ensure the client received a revisionary surgery and adequate compensation for pain and suffering caused.

    • Result: $55,000

Workers’ Compensation

VSSR – Violation of Specific Safety Requirement Injured worker sustained serious head injuries in a fall when his employer failed to provide proper fall protection. Plevin & Gallucci pursued an award in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits the injured worker was receiving. After investigation, interviews and preparation of the case, the employer eventually agreed to settlement.

    • Result: Confidential settlement 

Workers’ Compensation Appeal Injured worker’s case was initially handled by another firm. During that time, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and Industrial Commission of Ohio determined that the injured worker’s case should be denied for any psychological claim. Plevin & Gallucci filed a lawsuit on behalf of the injured worker. After proceeding to trial, it was determined that the injured worker was entitled to have his claim recognized for the psychological condition and proceeded to receive medical and compensation benefits for that condition.

    • Result: Judge ordered fees and expenses to be paid by Defendant-Employer 

Paralysis After Fall at Work – After sustaining a spinal cord injury from a fall at work, our client lost the functional use of his legs. We were able to secure seven years’ worth of workers’ compensation benefits, which exceeded $1 million, and then settle the claim for an additional $1 million.

    • Result: $1 Million

Chemical Exposure Leads to Cancer – After years of working around dangerous airborne chemicals, the client lost his life to cancer. Plevin & Gallucci’s workers’ compensation and product liability attorneys used Ohio law to show the cancer was employment-related, established widow benefits for his wife and successfully resolved a claim against the manufacturers of the dangerous chemicals.

    • Result: Substantial Seven-figure Settlement

Arizona Motor Vehicle Accident – Our client was injured when another car struck his while he was driving the other direction. Our client sustained severe injuries that precluded a return to his former position of employment. Despite the fact that the case was based in Arizona, Plevin & Gallucci was able to work with local counsel to obtain the fair result.

    • Result: $850,000 + Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Defective Ladder – While working, a man sustained injuries to his back, shoulder and both legs while trying to perform work on a ladder that had been negligently maintained. The result obtained was in addition to workers’ compensation benefits the client continues to receive.

    • Result: $155,000

Loss of Vision – Settlement of an intentional tort and safety violation after a brass chip struck our client in the eye. The claim was filed on the basis that the employer failed to provide the proper safety equipment. The award was secured and the workers’ compensation claim was established so that our client can continue to receive benefits in the future.

    • Result: $85,000 + Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Trench Cave-in – Due to failing to utilize trench boxes and properly secure the trench, our client was injured during a cave-in. The settlement was secured after litigating the intentional tort claim.

    • Result: $80,000

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