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Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has gone on far too long. In Ohio, which leads the nation in terms of overdose deaths, it’s taken the lives of more than 3,000 residents in 2015 alone. Although the amount of opioid prescriptions written has declined by almost 42 million over two years, opioids are still responsible for 85% of all overdose deaths in the state.

The legal team of Lancione & Lancione, LLC; Plevin & Gallucci Company, L.P.A.; and Scott Elliot Smith, L.P.A., are suing wholesale distributors on behalf of governmental entities in this serious public health crisis. We are seeking public abatement for those affected in the areas of secondary education, law enforcement, drug courts, treatment centers, and more.

The Commissioners of Scioto County, Ohio, is among the first public bodies to retain legal representation to pursue action against these drug distribution companies. Scioto County is one of the hardest hit by this crisis, with oxycodone use nearly quadrupling over a decade and 123 doses of opiate medication per person dispensed in just 2010.

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