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Social Security Disability

Most of us have spent, or will spend, much of our lives paying into the Social Security system. This entitles us to certain benefits. No one wants to become disabled and unable to work, but the Social Security system is there to protect us if this happens. An estimated 30% of all current young workers are expected to become disabled before reaching full retirement age.

The Social Security Administration defines disability as an inability to work that will last a year or more, or last until death. There is no partial disability in Social Security. A person must have worked a certain amount of time and met other specific requirements to be eligible. Your family may also be entitled to benefits.

Like any other government agency, the rules and regulations that define eligibility for these benefits are complex. Meeting these criteria typically requires medical documentation and extensive paperwork. More than half of all initial disability claims – about 60% — are denied by the government.

But it doesn’t mean you should give up. You have the right to appeal the decision. You also have a right to have an attorney represent you throughout the process.

With legal help, you can rest assured that the claim submitted to the government will offer you the best chance at getting the benefits you deserve. Contact Plevin & Gallucci today to ensure your rights are protected. You need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the Social Security system and knows how to advocate best on your behalf.

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