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In 1971, Frank L. Gallucci, Jr. was working in the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor’s Office handling everything from basic crimes to murder cases. He was also working two days a week at the family’s Italian import store in Cleveland, Gust Gallucci Company, a grocery founded by his Italian immigrant grandfather, Gust Gallucci, Sr. in 1912.

Frank Gallucci Sr, Frank Gallucci Jr, Ray Gallucci, Plevin and Gallucci's italian import store

In between slicing prosciutto, carrying cases and stocking shelves, Mr. Gallucci met with injured workers in the warehouse, using a makeshift desk made of cases of imported tomatoes. With Cleveland’s industrial past, workplace injuries were common. Mr. Gallucci developed a strong reputation for being an attorney with the skill and experience to handle claims with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (Ohio BWC).

After several years of operating part-time out of the warehouse of Gallucci’s, Mr. Gallucci left the Prosecutor’s Office and began representing injury victims full-time. His reputation continued to grow, and The Gallucci Law Firm began to flourish.

Meanwhile, Leon Plevin was busy winning verdicts and settlements for his personal injury and medical malpractice clients. With a reputation as a fierce litigator, Mr. Plevin had already gained national renown as a leader in the industry. He also had begun to wonder about the workers’ compensation lawyer he would see behind the counter at his favorite Italian import store. Mr. Plevin would visit Gallucci’s every few weeks, and ultimately the two developed a friendship.

Both Mr. Plevin and Mr. Gallucci had mutual admiration for how the other represented clients. They also shared a strong work ethic and a belief that the client always came first, period. While their friendship grew, they continued to practice law in separate offices.

In 1996, Frank Gallucci, Jr. passed away. Prior to his friend’s passing, Mr. Plevin assured Mr. Gallucci that he would mentor Mr. Gallucci’s son, Frank L. Gallucci III.

Frank L. Gallucci III had grown up a student of his father’s, learning the ins and outs of workers’ compensation from an early age. After working in the legal field for several years, including helping the state of Ohio in the infamous Sam Sheppard retrial, he joined the Gallucci Law Firm full-time.

With Mr. Plevin as a mentor for personal injury and medical malpractice, Frank L. Gallucci III was determined to have the Gallucci Law Firm continue to fight for injured Ohioans.

Over the following 10 years, with many cases already in common and a shared belief in how to ensure the best results for their clients, Mr. Plevin and Mr. Gallucci III eventually decided to join forces and form Plevin & Gallucci.

Plevin & Gallucci remains dedicated to its clients and its approach, a combination that ensures the best possible representation for clients.

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