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Why Plevin & Gallucci?

Group-Shot-2529-(web-large)Almost every day, someone like you walks into the offices of Plevin & Gallucci in Cleveland, Ohio, sits down with one of our experienced attorneys and begins their story by saying, “I’m not the type of person to hire a lawyer.”

Each of these stories follows the same path: An individual or their loved one has been injured, and they need a skilled law firm to handle their workers’ compensation, medical malpractice or personal injury case.

If you want to someone to fight for you – to make sure you are treated fairly and compensated appropriately when you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own – you want Plevin & Gallucci. Our clients are individuals, family members and loved ones who have had tragedy enter their life in the form of an injury or loss. They are people, spouses, parents and children. They need help when those responsible for their loss will not simply do what is just and fair.

They are looking for a law firm that will stand by their side and work to ensure the best possible outcome. They want attorneys who are experienced … who will listen to their needs and move their case forward … who will level the playing field and fight for their interests … who have helped shape the law throughout Ohio.

Most of all, they want injury or medical malpractice attorneys who have a reputation for getting results. They want Plevin & Gallucci.

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