Attorney at Law Magazine Profiles Frank L. Gallucci III

Attorney at Law Magazine Profiles Managing Partner Frank Gallucci

Photo credit: Attorney at Law Magazine

Photo credit: Attorney at Law Magazine

Plevin & Gallucci managing partner Frank L. Gallucci III is profiled as “Attorney of the Month” in the latest issue of Attorney at Law, a prominent digital magazine that reports on the legal profession.

Frank is featured on the cover of the magazine’s Cleveland edition in a photo shot at Gallucci’s Italian Market in Cleveland, the retail store and deli his family has owned for more than a century. Frank’s father founded the law firm in the 1970s while working part-time at the family store.

The article notes that Frank’s father focused on workers’ compensation cases, “often meeting with clients and signing their cases up on top of cases of tomato cans.”

The magazine chronicles Frank’s decision to enter the legal field and his passion for helping injured individuals get justice and compensation, especially workers who are injured on the job.

“Essentially, money is playing too large a role in our society. Insurance companies and large corporations are dictating laws and policies at the expense of innocent parties,” Frank states in the article. ”But if you ask any of the victims who sustained serious injuries or the families of those killed, they would take their good health or loved one they lost over any amount of money without a doubt.”

The article calls Frank “a compassionate, strong-willed advocate for his clients,” noting that “his close-knit, hardworking family ethics carry over to the way he represents his clients. The key to finding balance between his work life and his personal life is that they both completely overlap one another. ‘My next client can be anybody,’ he said. ‘My neighbor, a friend’s child or someone I just met the day before. Whether at work or in my personal life, I want to surround myself, my co-workers and my family with people I respect.’”

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