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Frank Gallucci Cited in Washington Post

Frank Gallucci, one of Ohio’s leading trial attorneys, and founder of Plevin & Gallucci, was cited within the Washington Post in regards to the ongoing opioid settlement within Ohio. As the municipalities in Ohio, the governor, and attorney general get closer to an agreement on how to divide any money that stems from the federal case against opioid manufacturers and distributors, Frank, who took part in the landmark case, had the following to say:

“Through this approach of providing funding and control locally, regionally and statewide, Ohio will have a unique tool for all of our communities to try to recover in a more expeditious and efficient manner. If successful in Ohio, it is our hope that this or a similar approach can be replicated for other states across the country.”

We are incredibly proud of the work that Frank has done, and continues to do, for the people of Ohio. You can read more of this story here at this link.

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